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3 D Imaging Technology

3-D Imaging Using CAT Scan Technology

When it comes to the absolute best in dental technology, we have positioned ourselves to be one of the leaders in the use of advanced dental tools. One of those key tools for us is CAT scan 3-D imaging technology.

Then CBCT scan/3 dimensional imaging technology is absolutely critical in our planning for our patient’s dental solutions. We are proud to say that we are one of a select group of dental professionals who have invested in a 3-D scanner!  This revolutionary dental tool allows us to view your teeth, bone and underlying structures with amazing 3 dimensional features.

Below Are Listed Five Ways That we Use This Technology In Our Practice:

  1. In the location of otherwise hidden canals that are unseen using regular x-rays.
  2. In the determination of a root canal’s complex anatomy.
  3. Creating unique dental implant treatments for our patients.
  4. Evaluating the bone grafting needs of our patients.
  5. Locating nerves adjacent to wisdom teeth that are impacted.

This revolutionary 3-D CAT scan technology has enabled us to diagnose and solve many dental issues for our patients that regular dental x-rays would not have uncovered.  Once more, we would like to emphasize that we are very proud of our track record of unsurpassed service to our clients through our use of the very latest in dental technology!

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful 3-D imaging technology, and how it might be of true benefit to you, please give us a call for a consultation appointment today.