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Dental Bonding

Fixing minor cosmetic defects in your teeth is simply and easy with bonding.

An ideal solution for making small correction in your teeth’s aesthetics is dental bonding, or composite resin, as it is sometime called. Gaps in your teeth, tooth discoloration, cracks, chips, and even minor decay are some of the wide variety of problems that can be addressed by bonding.

These composite resins are a viable alternative to other types of restorations, such as metal fillings, since they are very pleasing to the eye, generally speaking. The color o100 the bonding can be adjusted to the exact color of your existing teeth, because it has characteristics of a tooth’s natural enamel.

Quite simply, bonding can provide improvements to the appearance of your teeth that are outstanding.

In order to prepare the tooth to receive the dental bonding material, a solution is applied to the teeth during the bonding procedure. This roughens the tooth’s surface, so as to create a bond between the composite material

A light is used to harden and cure the bonding material to the tooth, once the resin is put on the tooth. In just a few minutes you will have a better looking smile, and magnificent results.

Dental bonding just might be a great solution for you, if your teeth have minor cosmetic defects. If you would like to discuss getting your teeth and oral health in the best condition possible, call today and set up an appointment to discuss your needs.