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Dental Exams

A cleaner and healthier mouth is important to your oral and overall health.

A Beautiful Smile With Regular Exams

Regular dental visits aren’t just to check for cavities, nor are they just for checking your oral health, but for your well-being in an overall sense. Your mouth will display early symptoms of many disease that affect your whole body. Problems can also be created throughout your body by bacteria that are present in your mouth.

Making an overall assessment of the state of health in your mouth by the dentist is included in the regular visits of general dentistry. It also involves regular x-rays and removal of the stains and tartar on your teeth, as well as evaluations for periodontal diseases, and oral cancer screenings.

Included in general dentistry is restorations, a healthy smile and maintaining your fillings. Repairs or replacements are necessary sometimes, even though restorations are generally believed to be long lasting, they simply won’t last forever. In order for you to keep your winning smile, and teeth for a lifetime, we consider it our job to keep your oral health in good shape.

Despite regular oral hygiene health visits, emergencies will sometimes still occur. So please don’t ignore problems that may arise with your teeth, because it could be the difference of losing your tooth, or saving it. Call us right away!

For Optimal Oral Health Dental Exams Are A Necessity

When it comes to your teeth and oral health, prevention goes a very long way. In order to help us catch any dental problems early, you should have an exam every six months. It can save you time and money!

One of the Doctors and a hygienist will thoroughly evaluate your oral cavity, gums and teeth, performing a comprehensive exam, when you visit our office. Our objective will be to look for general oral health issues, cavities, gum disease, and even oral cancer.

Regular dental exams will provide these and other benefits:

Setting an example for your entire family of good oral health care.
It will help you avoid expenses that are unnecessary, and also help to minimize the amount of any needed dental work.
Having the best possible oral health makes it necessary to detect dental problems at the very earliest stages.

Experiencing Any Dental Complications Or Pain?

Don’t ignore any dental pain you may be experiencing in your jaw, gums or teeth, if you have been to a dentist in a while! When something is wrong or needs attention, pain is an early warning system.

The number one reason people seek the services of a dental professional is tooth pain, so call our offices if you are any sort of oral pain, let us help detect whatever is causing your pain by a thorough exam.

We have the latest technology of cavity detection and dental imaging in our office, and so we are able to prevent oral problems from becoming much larger by seeing them in their earliest stages. When it comes to oral cancer screenings, this is of utmost importance, because about 7,500 people every year die of oral cancer! In our exams, this the reason we include oral cancer screening.

Give us a call today if you have fallen behind on your check-ups, or haven’t had a dental exam in a while. Call us right now so we can get started helping you feel better again, or alleviate any pain you might be having.