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Fixed Hybrid Implant Supported Bridge

The best solution when you are missing all your teeth.

Implanted Supported Dentures Are The Wave of The Future In Teeth Replacement

Never Mess With Gooey Adhesives or Putting Your Teeth In Cup Again

When trying to preserve their oral health, tooth loss has become a real issue to millions of Americans. Gum disease that causes the teeth to become loose and unstable, because it wears way bone is experienced by many people.

You can readily see where there is so many cases of tooth loss, since more than 80% of the population have undiagnosed gum disease.

In the United States alone, it is thought that more than 40 million people are toothless! The use of traditional treatments to cope with having no teeth, such as getting a full denture set, is what most people have resigned themselves to.

To those who deal with placing their teeth in a glass or jar at night, or worse yet, those who have no teeth at all, this is really good news.

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Your Dentures Can Be Stabilized Permanently With New Implant Technology

In our office, something we hear time and again is a patient that complains about the continual process of removing and replacing their dentures. They absolutely detest the daily ordeal of trying to function during each day by dealing with gooey creams.

Until Now, That is

Better and newer solutions have been developed over the years, as dentistry has advanced in its’ ability to address a variety of dental issues to help patients. Quite frankly, dentures, partials and bridges are not the only or even the best treatment options for those dealing with missing teeth.

The good news is dental implant technology has provided an entirely new method of treating those with missing teeth.  This technology has now progressed to using a fixed hybrid denture or an implant-supported denture to help people who have all their teeth missing.

If a patient desired to replace all their teeth with implants, each of their individual teeth had to be replaced with an implant, abutment and crown, when implant technology was developed in the beginning. However, this was a process that was expensive and lengthy.

This is no longer the situation for those whose teeth are missing, thanks to the advancements in dental implant technology.          

All On Four or All on Six dental implants is the name of this new technology.

It matters not whether you’ve been without teeth for 40 years, or if they were lost a week ago, we can give you a natural-looking, healthy and strong smile with this replacement solution. Below are some of this dental implant procedure’s benefits:

  • These implant dentures will give you a confident smile that feel and look natural.
  • You will be able to eat and even speak much more confidently and comfortably, since this type of denture is permanently anchored.
  • You will not have to worry about bone loss, because these implants can act as and mimic the force of the actual root of a tooth.
  • Dental implants don’t require that existing teeth be ground down somewhat in order to accommodate crowns as do other treatment options.
  • Over a long period of time, there is a very high success rate with dental implants. The results you will experience are going to be simply beautiful and highly optimized, because of the great care we take in treatment analysis and planning.

An Implant – What Is It?

An implant is a root base made of titanium, placed (implanted) directly into the bone where your original tooth existed. The bone may need some additional time for healing and growing around the implant, depending on your individual situation.

What makes titanium so ideal for implant is its’ unique ability to actually fuse to the human bone.

You won’t need an implant for every individual tooth, when use employ an implant-supported hybrid denture. We are now able to place 4-6 implants in the bone in a precise manner, which best supports the new teeth, because of our placement technology and precise imaging.

New Teeth In Only A Day

“Teeth In a Day”…you’ve probably wondered if this marketing phrase is a reality. The answer is a resounding yes, you actually can get one day service on some new teeth!

These teeth are not the permanent type, however. “Healing teeth” are what the teeth are called that you receive after the placement of implants, and you wear them help you speak clearly and eat, until your bone has healed completely.

Once that healing has taken place, we will put a set of permanent

teeth right on top of the implants. These “new” teeth are strong, and they feel and look like your natural ones. They are permanently locked down on the previously set implants, giving you a solution that is indeed permanent.

How Do I Start – What Is The Next Step?

The first step is to call our office for a consultation appointment, if you feel like your teeth need replacing because they are too far gone,or if all your teeth are already gone.

You will literally be receiving your implants from a leading front-runner in dental implant placement and technology, when our office places them. Since the result you are seeking will be the best it can possibly be with us, it should definitely bring you true peace of mind.

Our Doctor and his team will go over, in great detail, a precise plan of treatment, once you have finished your initial consultation. Let’s get this restoration process for your oral health and perfect smile started today. Call our office for an appointment today to get the process of restoring your oral health and smile started, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the implant procedure itself, and the overall treatment plan.