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You can have straighter teeth without all the metal and wires.

For a Straighter Smile, Invisalign is the Best Choice

Invisalign Hamilton New JerseyInvisalign is an alternative to traditional orthodontics (metal braces), if you are living with misshapen, uneven, or crooked teeth, and desire to have them straightened. With Invisalign there is no need to tolerate wires and metal in your mouth, and it is a wonderful way straighten your teeth!

This type of system (Invisalign) gives you a healthy looking, beautiful smile, by correcting the position of your teeth in a gentle, gradual manner over a period of time.

For Adult Braces, It Is The Clear Choice

Since this system seems to be preferred by many adults, Invisalign has been referred to as “adult braces”. Since their trays are removable, they have several advantages over traditional braces made of metal, such as the ease of keeping up a regular program of oral hygiene.

With the wires of metal braces, this is much more difficult, yet with Invisalign it is much easier to floss and brush regularly.

Invisalign Braces-How Are They Fashioned Uniquely For Me?

First; we make impressions of your teeth that enables the lab to manufacture a series of trays or clear aligners that will straighten your teeth by slightly moving them over the course of time.

Commonly these clear aligners/trays are worn for a time period of six months, all the way to two full years, depending on the time that is necessary to straighten your teeth sufficiently.  Just how much time will be necessary for you and your doctor will decide.

  • You will certainly smile at the beautiful outcome they produce
  • They prove to be very comfortable
  • In order to maintain a regular regimen of oral hygiene, the trays are easily removed
  • The process is simple and fast, and produces no stress

There are no wires or metal brackets, which can cause difficulty in eating, mouth blisters and soreness, and this is a major benefit of having Invisalign. The constant changing of rubber bands, as it is with traditional types of orthodontics, is no longer a necessity, nor do you have to give up certain foods.B