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Sedation Dentistry

No more and anxiety when you get your treatment done.  Only comfort!

Your Fears of the Dentist and Dental Procedures Can Be Calmed Through Sedation Dentistry

That most people are fearful of a visit to the dentist, even when they have a true need of treatment, is common knowledge. Many times they simply don’t get the needed treatment because they dread a dentist putting instruments in their mouth. Now they can get the treatment they need, despite their fears, due to the calming effect of sedation dentistry.

People still do not have enough information concerning sedation dentistry, despite the fact that it has been around for many years. People are now unable to remember the difficult procedures because of the relaxing effect of sedation.

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By offering sedation dentistry, our practice makes the extra effort to calm any possible fears, and to ensure our patient’s comfort. Call our office and inquire about how we use sedation in our treatments, if you have any dental anxiety and fear.

Our office offers three types of patient sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide or laughing gas (For all procedures)
  • Oral sedation (Anti anxiety medications for all procedures)
  • IV sedation (For extensive dental procedures only not for fillings or cleanings)

The type of medicines you are taking and your particular medical history will be the factors that determine the type of sedation we will use for you. The type of procedure a patient has to undergo will also play a role in this decision.

“Laughing Gas”/Nitrous Oxide

The most commonly used method that is best suited for treating moderate or mild anxiety is nitrous oxide. The administration of the nitrous oxide that releases when you inhale, is put through demand-valve inhaler placed over your nose.

When this gas is turned off following your treatment, the effect will be completely gone within a few minutes, just as it went into effect at the onset of treatment.

We can help you create your own personalized plan of treatment and discuss the options available to free you from dental care worry, and give you a relaxing experience, when you come into our office.

Anxiety-free dentistry can help you in the way that is most comfortable, as we help you attain optimal dental health, whether you are seeking a complete smile makeover, or only a single filling.

Conscious Oral Sedation

When a patient prefers an experience that is relaxing, rather than to display high anxiety levels, oral sedation may be used. During your treatment, you can still respond to the dentist and his team, even though the pills you receive during oral sedation dentistry may cause you to be drowsy, or even fall asleep temporarily.

Once we finish your treatment:

  1. Call our office if you experience any problems or other issues.
  2. Follow the directions for your medication that are given to you by our office, and don’t consume any alcohol.
  3. Immediately following your procedure, it will be best to avoid eating heavy meals.
  4. During the remainder of that day, avoid driving a motor vehicle.
  5. Make sure you have a ride to take you home.
  6. Avoid exerting or hazardous activities, and get plenty of rest

We certainly have a solution with our sedation dentistry if you are experiencing dental anxiety!  We will be happy to assist you in determining what the best type of sedation will be for you, if you will give us a call today