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Teeth Whitening

A brighter and whiter smile is just a phone call away.

You Are Just A Phone Call Away From Having A Smile That Makes A Difference With Teeth Whitening

The desire to have a whiter and brighter smile brings people into our office looking for solutions time and again. We all want that, don’t we? For one reason and another there teeth have been yellowed or stained, and many of them are embarrassed to even show us there smile.

Dark colored drinks, such as tea or coffee, smoking or tobacco use in several forms, or some medications could be the reason for this problem.

You can easily look at all the over-the-counter solutions that many stores have available, if you need any further evidence that people want a whiter and brighter. Most of these products only leave the users in disappointment or frustration at the poor results. A whitening treatment in our offices is the absolutely best option for you, if you desire a truly white smile.

Teeth Whitening Hamilton NJ

The Dental Treatment That Is Our Number One Request

The number one requested dental procedure in the world is still teeth whitening! This simple procedure’s results are simply amazing, and it is also cost-effective. Regardless of your reason for wanting whiter teeth, and a brighter, whiter smile, we have the solution that will enable you to have what your deserve.

It may be that once-in-a-lifetime job interview, a long anticipated class reunion, or just wanting to feel better about yourself. What ever the reason, our teeth whitening procedure can help it happen.


One hour is all the time it will take for you to have a more radiant, brighter smile with Zoom. This Zoom system really works, and our patients undergoing this Zoom whitening typically have a smile that is between six and nine shades lighter when they leave the office!

Take-Home Whitening Trays

In the comfort of your own home, you can obtain that smile you have always wanted with our take-home whitening trays. They will enable you to be whitening your smile while you do your normal daily activities, like running errands, cooking, or even sleeping!
Wearing our customized trays, that have been molded from your teeth, just a few hours everyday is all that is required.

Your teeth will gradually whiten following each session, and then you can just wear your trays on a minimal basis, once you are satisfied with their coloration.

Please call us today to set an appointment, so we can give you that brilliant new smile you deserve.