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Tooth Colored-Fillings

No more silver fillings.  Get a natural looking smile with tooth-colored fillings.

Fillings That Are Blended With Your Natural Teeth Can Give You A Natural Looking Smile

Using porcelains that are both predictable and safe, dentists are now using composite resin materials that are more tooth-like, and react more like natural teeth, which is even more important.

Tooth-colored fillings include these advantages:

  • It will not compromise aesthetics to use them on both back and front teeth.
  • Using composite resin material produces brief and minimal tooth sensitivity, if any.
  • Instead of the days required by some other materials to harden, they only takes seconds.
  • You can restore 85-95% of the original tooth strength with the bonding of the white fillings to the tooth.
  • Natural tooth appearance and color can be closely matched.
  • They don’t require pins, grooves or slots to retain them mechanically, because they chemically bond to tooth structure.

They Can Be Repaired if Damaged.

White or tooth colored fillings are typically composite resin fillings. In fact, today the composite resin fillings are the most commonly used and versatile. Filler particles which are bound together and encased by a matrix material that is hard, are what make up a composite.

tooth colored fillings hamilton nj

White or tooth colored fillings don’t always require the numbing of the area to be restored, because they are bonded chemically to teeth. If tooth decay has progressed into the underlying layer of dentin beneath the enamel layer surrounding the nerve of the tooth, then numbing (anesthetizing) will often be required.

A primer will be applied to the area being restored and the tooth cleaned, once the decay has been removed. A bonding agent is cured after being flowed into the open pores that have been opened by a primer.

The tooth-colored filling material is placed inside the tooth where a bonding agent has been prepared to adhere to the tooth by curing.

A strong curing light is used to harden the tooth-colored filling material after it has been shaped to resemble the tooth’s natural anatomy. Your bite will then be checked for a proper fit of your teeth coming together, after the white filling hardens.

Your dentist will check to see if you can properly floss between your teeth, should your tooth filling seep down into the spaces between your teeth. Your filling will then be polished and smoothed after any necessary adjustments have been made.

Since it is no longer necessary for you to have those unsightly silver fillings, call our office today if you are in need of having a decay filled.